Site Rules

Anchor Barrow’s site rules are common sense but just to reiterate for those of you who enter EXTREME HOLIDAY MODE upon arrival. If whilst camping with us, you fail to comply with any of these terms we will ask you leave the site without a refund. Believe me we do not want the hassle!


*Arrival/Departure- We welcome guests onto Anchor Barrow between 12-8pm. To welcome new arrivals we sadly have to say goodbye to present guests. We politely ask that you vacate your pitch from 11am.

*Late/Early Arrivals- We prefer to welcome our campers before 8pm. We are aware that due to the popularity of Cornwall as a holiday destination, traffic can slightly alter your planned ETA. Please do not panic if you are held up please just text/call ahead and let us know. Equally, early arrivals may be facilitated if possible please just ask.

*Pitching Up- Please listen to us/ look at the signage when pitching up. Our camping areas/pitches are signposted. Please ensure that you camp in the camping areas that you have been allocated. If you pitch up elsewhere you will be asked to move. Think of the faff! If you are unsure please ask.

*Rubbish- Please leave your pitch as you found it. Please clean up after yourselves and place all rubbish in the correct bins in the waste compound. SIMPLES!

*Chemical Waste- NO BABY WIPES! We ask that no baby wipes are disposed of via the Chemical Waste Disposal Point. It is literally the worst job in the world unblocking it.

*Communal Areas- At Anchor Barrow we would be most grateful if you could respect our facilities. We politely ask that you help us out by leaving them clean and tidy ready for your camping neighbours. If at any point you feel that there is an issue with the cleanliness of the facilities please do not hesitate to let us know.

*The Mineshaft- DO NOT climb the Mineshaft. It is fenced off and clearly signposted. It is strictly prohibited for your safety.

*Dogs- At Anchor Barrow we welcome the four-legged friend. The rules are simple ALL dogs must be on leads at your pitch and around the site unless in the designated Dog roaming area. Please clear up any fowling and dispose of it in the designated bins. Dogs must not be left on site alone.

*Children- At Anchor Barrow we welcome Well behaved children on site. The rules are simple ALL children are the responsibility of their own family. Please accompany them to the facilities. Otherwise let them run and go crazy and make use of all the green/play spaces available. A good excuse to limit that TECH.

*Gazebos/ Awnings- At Anchor Barrow we have chosen not to charge for this accessory as we feel that they can enhance your experience. However, please refrain from creating a fortress.

*Cars- At Anchor Barrow we allow one car to be parked at the pitch site. Additional vehicles must be parked in the designated parking area. All drivers on site MUST hold valid driving licence and must abide by the speed restriction put in place for the safety of our campers. We are a family campsite and there are children roaming freely!

*Electric Cars- Electric car charging must only take place at the charging port situated in the car park outside the women’s facilities. The charging of electric cars is prohibited at the pitch. There is a small charge for the service payable at the shop.

*FootballPitches- Bring a Ball/Frisbee/Kite etc- Please feel free to make use of the football pitches on site. However, a couple of nights a week they are used for pre-season training/ friendlies for our local team.

*Fridge/Freezer- Anchor Barrow has an on site Fridge and Ice-Block Freezer onsite for our Campers to use free of charge. We politely ask that all campers use the labels provided stating the surname in which their booking is under and their departure date. Failing to label your items may result in them being thrown away.

*BBQ’s/Fires- At Anchor Barrow you are welcome to use BBQ’s and Log Firepits either bring your own or those hired on site. We ask that they are raised off the grass with the bricks located in all the compounds. For safety reasons we ask that all BBQ’s/Fires are manned at all times and that you have a bucket of water at your pitch. Please dispose of cold ash in the general waste bins.

*Groups- We understand that there are many campsites in Cornwall which refuse to accept groups of any sort. We ourselves have been turned away when trying to camp as a group of families. At Anchor Barrow we welcome groups on the proviso that as a group you feel you are ALL able to abide by the Anchor Barrow Rules. Please read the Anchor Barrow Rules carefully this way you can ensure that we are the correct campsite for you and that you are the correct campers for us. If members of your group fail to comply you will ALL be asked to leave, and your fees will be not be refunded. It is Worth keeping in mind that there will be very few options available to you if you are required to be moved on. Have Fun! But please don’t let it be at the expense of other campers enjoyment.

*Noise/ Music- Whilst at Anchor Barrow please be respectful of all other campers. We don’t want anyone to feel like they are on school camp and need to be in bed early. However, We equally do not want campers to be enjoying themselves at the expense of others. You are welcome to play music we just ask that it is for the enjoyment of your pitch only. All music must be turned off by 10pm.

*Walking to/from town- We are lucky that their are three footpaths that run almost directly off the campsite. We politely ask that for your safety you take one of these footpaths rather than walk along the main road. Alternatively, there is cheap taxi service around £4-5 each way.

*Please respect our locals- We politely ask that when commuting to and from the town on foot that you do so quietly and considerately. Whilst we appreciate that you are on your holidays our neighbours will not appreciate being woken up late at night before work tomorrow. Please make use of the bins in town/ at the campsite to dispose of your rubbish and refrain from littering over the landscape. Reports from our neighbours of anti-social behaviour may result in the termination of your holiday.

Most importantly of all please enjoy your stay with us and if you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact us.

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